A Comprehensive Game Design Methodology
From First Ideas to Spectacular Pitches and Proposals

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Why DriveThruRPG? It’s the largest tabletop RPG download store and you’ll probably end up buying much more than just your copy of Ludotronics. Which would benefit all game designers!

Why not Amazon? Ludotronics isn’t well-suited for the Kindle format. And at €14.99, Amazon’s cut amounts to €9.75. Well, no.

More to read: My papers at Research Gate, my blogs at between drafts and just drafts.

Five Excellent Reasons

To Buy Your Copy of Ludotronics Now!

★★★★★ It’s DRM-Free!

The PDF edition is entirely DRM-free. You can read your copy on any device and with any suitable e-reader software, put it on as many devices as you want, and convert it to any format that happens to suit you!

★★★★★ Top-Notch Formatting!

The PDF edition’s layout and typography is lovingly designed, 576 pages long, with menu and map entries as active links. Click through some sample (medium-rez) screenshots on the right for a preview!

★★★★★ Referenceability!

Everything is neatly divided into phases, levels, and beats for easy reference. However, if you need page numbers for citations in your academic, scientific, or professional writing, the PDF edition is exactly what you need!

★★★★★ Unbeatable Price!

Books on game design are at a premium with an upper bound of around €50/$60 and a lower bound of €25/$30 for previous editions. The Ludotronics PDF edition hovers around your currency equivalent of €15 plus VAT. In terms of value and price, that’s a steal!

★★★★★ Filled Refrigerator!

My refrigerator, that is. Chances of getting rich from writing are slim. But I’d love to make up for the money from projects I couldn’t engage in while researching and writing and editing and illustrating for four years! So thank you for buying Ludotronics and all my best wishes to you!

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