A Comprehensive Game Design Methodology
From First Ideas to Spectacular Pitches and Proposals

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Level Three: Responses

Postmortem Phase Level Three


With respect to game design lore, Ludotronics is sometimes traditional, even old-fashioned, and sometimes progressive, even radical. Thus, probably, it will provide something to be upset about for everybody! If you want to get in touch, there are several options. I always have an open ear on Twitter, where you can find me under my primary handle @gyokusai or under @ludotronics. A secondary option is WeChat under the ID betweendrafts, Threema under the ID J8UET5Z6, or WhatsApp under +491722428889. While not preferred, e-mail is also okay, either at or Also, on my blog, especially at, you’ll find a huge list of social networks where you can meet me if you want to. Apart from my regular blog, there’s my secret level where I sporadically write on game-based learning topics.

Right after this Epilogue, there will be an Errata section for rectifications and revisions after the initial release. If you pointed out an error or made me change my mind about a particular model or topic, then your name will be listed together with the respective correction or change, if you like.

Let’s keep everything dynamic, and our field in constant flow!

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