Phase One: Preliminaries

Ludotronics is a guide and companion for your personal game design journey: a journey that will lead you from first ideas to spectacular pitches and proposals; from term projects to indie projects; from incidental sketches to innovative treatments that are feasible and make a difference.

In this first chapter, you will learn about the what, the where, and the how.

  • Level One: The Thing will introduce you to the general concept of the book, but also to some challenges attached to game design documents and conceptual visions that you should know about up-front.
  • Level Two: The Map will give you a feel for the land, i.e., the Ludotronics map with its perimeter, dimensions, territories, and center.
  • Level Three: The Stage, finally, will point you toward the supplementary material you can find on this website, but also toward supplementary material for the mind—like inclusiveness, counternarratives, and visibility through language—to create fresh, innovative games for the future.

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