Phase Four: Processes

This phase is by far the longest stretch of your journey, the most adventure-rich, and the most taxing. Here, you will make most of the design decisions that will transform your concept sketch into a treatment.

  • Level One and Six: Integral Perspectives I and Integral Perspectives II will cover four core aspects of the playing experience: motivation and emotion on the one hand, and goals and rewards on the other.
  • Level Two: Interactivity will introduce you to rules, their properties, and how they might behave during gameplay; game loops, game mechanics, and player interactions; difficulty progressions and learning conditions; realism and representation; and the elements and principles of well-designed challenges.
  • Level Three: Plurimediality will lead you through aspects of style, space, and sound from the perspective of functional aesthetics.
  • Level Four: Narrativity will provide you with a design strategy to create memorable gameplay moments—visually, auditorily, kinesthetically, and mythologically—through artistic processes of abstraction.
  • Level Five: Architectonics will make you familiar with dramatic structures and functional characters; story, character, and player development arcs; interactive narrative; and player decisions and participation.

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