The Ludotronics Game Design Methodology:
From First Ideas to Spectacular Pitches and Proposals



Welcome to a peek into the new and fully revised edition of Ludotronics, to be published by CRC-Press in August this year!

Shortly before the release, will be redesigned and relaunched. As a companion website for the book, it will offer news, links, references, insights, and supplementary material for download with illustrations, key definitions, and checklists for tasks and documentation objectives. So stay tuned!

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Phase 04:

This phase is by far the longest stretch of your journey in the upcoming second edition, the most adventure-rich, and the most taxing. Here, you will have to make most, if not all, design decisions to transform your concept sketch into a treatment:

  • Level One and Six: Integral Perspectives I and Integral Perspectives II will cover four core aspects of the playing experience, motivation and emotion on the one hand, and goals and rewards on the other.
  • Level Two: Interactivity will introduce you to rules, their properties, and how they might behave during gameplay; game loops, game mechanics, and player interactions; difficulty progressions and learning conditions; realism and representation; and the elements and principles of well-designed challenges.
  • Level Three: Plurimediality will lead you through aspects of style, space, and sound from the perspective of functional aesthetics.
  • Level Four: Narrativity will provide you with a design strategy to create memorable gameplay moments—visually, auditorily, kinesthetically, and mythologically—through artistic processes of abstraction.
  • Level Five: Architectonics will make you familiar with dramatic structures and functional characters; story, character, and player development arcs; interactive narrative; and player decisions and participation.